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  1. BulletCreate digital art using a modified spray paint can.

  2. BulletWall sized digital interactive painting surface.

  3. BulletFull Color Palette with selectable brush shape and size.

  4. BulletLoad backgrounds so users can easily paint like a coloring page.

  5. BulletCustomizable with Company logo or background themes and designs.

  6. BulletSave, print and email a copy of your art to share or for a memory.

  7. BulletMultiple systems can be used to fill a room.

Pixal Paint captivates all audiences from young to old and allows participants the ability to express their own artist creations on a larger then life canvas. Pixal Paint can be used in all event settings.


Pixal paint allows You to literally paint digital pixels with invisible light. Pixal Paint uses a rear projection screen and custom paint programs to create life size art. Easy to use and fun for all.

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